Preserve the Icebergs for the next 100 years or more

Reflect sunlight back into outer-space
Help keep Hudson Bay frozen over, for longer each year
Iceberg Building Material - Planetary Engineering

Block warm water flow into Bering Strait
Create permanent ice structures

Become knowledgeable about using icebergs for Planetary Engineering purposes

They have massive horsepower, and can easily tow the iceberg trains around. Then, when they get too creaky, turn the ships into sea walls

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04-18-21 - Thule AF Base - Nunavut - Coral Harbor - Akulivik - Puvirnituq - Inukjuak - Umiujaq - Kuujjuarapik - Moononee - Peawanuck - Fort Severn - Arviat - Nuajaat

10-31-20 - Have been really big over the past several years on saving the icebergs as a solution to global warming. Also using the icebergs as a floating wall. Apparently a typical iceberg weighs around 100,000 tons. Or about the weight of an aircraft carrier. So it shouldn't be too hard to push them or tow them. Could even attach remote motors onto them to get them to move. Plus if you understand the currents that helps too.

Turns out when the icebergs fall off of Greenland they go north to the top of Baffin Bay, then cross the bay to Canada and then float south past Newfoundland. There is also Thule AFB up there, now part of Space Force. And right across is an enclosed body of water called Jones Sound. Which is pretty big and pretty deep, and also shallow in some places. So the idea is to push the icebergs into Jones Sound, where they will last a long long time. They also do some reflecting, and cooling and so forth, and could presumably help encourage glacier formation and retention.

Problem with the idea, as usual, is scale. Probably won't do anything on a wider scale, even if practiced on a large scale. But can't imagine hiring perhaps 50 tug boats is such a big expense. And what you end up with is an iceberg garden. Which sounds pretty cool on its own. So don't see anything wrong. At worst it is a boondoggle on a relatively small scale. At best it introduces Planetary Engineering to the Arctic. Which is probably a good idea all on its own.

Extending the idea and you get carving down the best icebergs into ice walls, that you can then possibly use to control currents. Perhaps you can even shave them down and link them together into iceberg trains that you can maneuver through the Arctic. Which actually sounds pretty cool all by itself. This leads to blocking the Bering Strait, to keep out the warm water away from the polar ice cap in the summer. Or likewise to contain areas of ice between Greenland and Norway like gigantic ice fences. Or anchoring icebergs in key locations to prevent the polar ice cap from drifting too far south. Could also use icebergs to block passages between islands, if that can help in some way. Can think of all of this as a 100 year project.

Also... I don't really understand polar ice. And all this talk about thinning and so forth. But it seems to me that the main issue is that the ice on the edges drifts away, presumably in some current. But if the current is slow then some retention would seem to make sense. And again, you end up with a scale problem. But presumably a few icebergs here and there in the slipstream between the ice cap and Norway could help keep them in. Or maybe not. But so far have not seen many ideas about making the polar environment more suitable to preserving ice. So maybe it is a dumb idea, but at least it is an idea.

So, to get to the point, I personally love the idea, and really do think it can make a difference, and that it offers an alternative. But it is a Big Idea. So make it a video game!

You can just imagine a computer simulation where the earth is boiling away and the only solution is to save the Polar Ice Cap. So you could speed it up, so each year goes by fast, and there you are running around with your tugboats trying to save the icebergs and save the planet.

So with a video game like this, if it became popular, you would end up with an entire generation of children convinced we need to Save the Icebergs. And that icebergs can save the planet too.

Likewise you would teach children about climate modeling and so forth, and could slip in some science too. And some of the drivers. So for example you could get the video game to create a new ice age too, if you could make the drivers complex enough. In any case though, just to get the idea to work you might have to cheat. Like make the icebergs easier to tow, or more reflective. Or maybe they cool down the air. Or maybe the sun needs to get chilled down a bit to get the model to work, or whatever, as long as it is not more than a little. And it is fun. Since can not imagine anything more boring in a video game then to do something and not have anything happen.

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